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Boudoir Submissions
Your Chance to Shine in Our Quarterly Issues

Welcome to KTS Boudoir Magazine’s dedicated submissions page! We are on a continuous hunt for striking boudoir photography that tells a story, captures the essence of beauty, and resonates with our readers. If you’ve been playing with angles, experimenting with lighting, and capturing the raw emotion and beauty of your subjects, then here’s your golden opportunity. Our magazine, published every quarter, sets aside a special segment to showcase the exceptional talent of 10 boudoir photographers from around the world. So, could this be your moment?

The Submission Process: Seamless, Straightforward, Spectacular

  1. Submission Criteria: Submit your details, a direct link to your portfolio, and two images that, in your opinion, are magazine-worthy. Ensure the images truly represent your style and prowess.
  2. Review: Every submission undergoes a meticulous review by our adept creative team. Your artistry, technique, and the emotion captured play pivotal roles in the selection process.
  3. Notification: If your work makes the cut, gear up for some good news in your inbox! Winning photographers will receive an email from us, marking the beginning of an exciting journey.
  4. Final Touches: Once you’re in, we’ll need those stunning shots in high resolution to do justice to your work in print.

Ready to Join the KTS Boudoir Magazine Elite? If you’ve got the passion and the shots to back it up, dive into the submission process now. Your work could grace the pages of our next issue, positioning you amongst the best in boudoir photography. With every issue, we’re not just publishing photos – we’re curating art. And your masterpiece might just be the next on our list.

So, boudoir photographers, are you ready to get those “Boudoir Magazine Submissions” rolling and potentially see your art in the spotlight? Begin your submission journey with KTS Boudoir Magazine now!

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Publication Rights Disclaimer

At KTS Boudoir Magazine, we deeply value the creativity and artistry behind each submission we receive. We wish to clarify that, while we obtain rights to publish the submitted work in our magazine, the intellectual property rights of the submitted content remain with the original creator.

Every time the work is published or showcased in any of our platforms, it will always be accompanied by a citation crediting the creator. Our aim is to celebrate and promote the talents of boudoir photographers, ensuring their rights and contributions are consistently recognized and respected.


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